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Shadows Over Juba

Lebanese Businessman’s Pivotal Role in South Sudan Navigating the Complex Web of Influence and Arms 

In the tense atmosphere of South Sudan’s political landscape, a shadowy plot unfolds in the capital, Juba, orchestrated by two central figures: Ambassador Kamel Yatim, a Lebanese financier with a complex network of international connections, and his chief accomplice, Gen. Akol Koor.

Together, they navigate a delicate maze of influence and arms, aiming to topple the current regime led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Ambassador Yatim is a mastermind in securing lucrative arms deals, providing a stream of weapons and ammunition to fuel their planned coup. His expertise in international negotiations and covert operations makes him a formidable force in the region. Meanwhile, Gen. Akol Koor, with his deep military ties and strategic acumen, is the linchpin in their scheme, ensuring the military’s support and readiness for the upheaval.

Incorporating his brother Fahid Sufan into this narrative, he emerges as a significant addition to the team. Holding a British passport and with a history of collaborating with American intelligence agencies in Afghanistan, Sufan is well-versed in the arts of espionage and ordinance supply. As Yatim’s right-hand man, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a network of international contacts to the table. His background is particularly beneficial for securing sophisticated weaponry and navigating the geopolitical intricacies necessary for the plot’s success. With Sufan’s involvement, the team’s capabilities are significantly enhanced, making their shadowy activities more formidable and far-reaching as they weave their plan through the corridors of power in Juba.

Critical to their operations is Angelo, known as the “henchman” and the secret keeper of Gen. Akol. Angelo’s role is pivotal; he travels frequently between South Sudan and Lebanon, often aboard private jets alongside Ambassador Yatim. These missions are far from diplomatic gestures; they are clandestine operations for smuggling arms, recruiting allies, and laying the groundwork for the impending revolution.

As the plot deepens, so do the risks. Trust is a luxury they cannot afford, and betrayal lurks at every corner. Yatim and Koor’s plan demands

precision, stealth, and an intimate knowledge of the volatile political terrain. They move their pieces in a high-stakes game, where the future of a nation is at stake.

In the shadows of Juba, the lines between friend and foe blur, and today’s confidant might be tomorrow’s traitor. With each passing moment, the question looms: Will Yatim and Koor’s daring gambit for control succeed, or will unforeseen forces upend their quest for power at the last moment? In this world of deception and ambition, only time will reveal the fate of their audacious coup in South Sudan.

Author: Abdul Kareem is a graduate of the University of Juba, South Sudan.

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