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Global Defense Insight (GDI) can help you to express your views to global audience. Almost more than 50 % of GDI reach is in Western Europe, South Asia, Middle East and North America. We welcome all well written pieces. In order to help you decide better follow the underlined guideline.

Writer Submission Guidelines:


If you have expertise or sufficient knowledge of specific subject, we’ll expect that you should write on topics of your expertise. Moreover, it will help our team to bring much more expert analysis from your expertise to our respected audience.

Opinions backed with facts & Evidences

Op-Eds are opinions, but even strong opinions and arguments need to be advanced and defended with facts, statistics, evidences and quotes from relevant authorities. If you have some unique perspective on political, social, economic or defense matter, write your arguments backed with strong evidence and facts and send to us. We’ll publish your pieces with your name. Follow the link for more guideline

Tips for Aspiring Op-Ed Writers , New York Times

Op-Ed Writing: Tips and Tricks – The OpEd Project (Public Voices)

Correct Use of Language & Grammar

As we all know language is the most strong way of communicating your ideas, we expect our writers to be good at English language and grammar rules. As most of the mistakes are in grammar, it increases our editing work. We want our writers to write clear with facts. Kindly read, review and edit your piece before sending us. You can get help from following website.

11 Best Websites to Improve Writing Skills in English

Cambridge Assessment English Tests

In addition GDI recommend keeping the following in mind as you submit your piece;

  1. Op-Eds should be between 700-800 words in length backed by strong arguments.
  2. Submission must have information like mailing address, contact number, brief note describing author relevant experience.
  3. Provide your social media accounts especially your twitter handle.
  4. Our team can further edit your piece as well as team will choose title if needed to ensure widest reach.
  5. After you submit your article, please wait for a week as our team will go through your piece and will contact you once its published.
  6. For submission, send us your articles at: