Bearing the Cost of Instability in Afghanistan

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has posed significant challenges for the United States, the Afghan Taliban government, and regular Afghans. However, the situation is also challenging for Afghanistan’s immediate neighbors, especially...

Letting off the proscribed Taliban movement of Pakistan

On October, 04 Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan disclosed a staggering development in Pakistan’s policy during an interview with Turkish Radio and Television Cooperation (TRT), that his government is going to...

Islamic State Khorasan Chapter, A New Regional Threat

Afghanistan has been struck by its first terror attack within two weeks of the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan. The Daesh Khorasan (IS-K) terrorist group claimed responsibility for the suicide blasts outside...

Taliban’s Special Forces: Badri 313 unit secures the capital Kabul

The Afghan Taliban’s NATO-like soldiers wearing American tactical gear are famous nowadays. The group has demonstrated its "high weaponry capability" and preparedness to engage in war. Its social media team has...

Pakistan asked Afghan Taliban to act against Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan

Pakistan asked Afghan Taliban to act against Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Pakistan's Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafiz Choudhary told in its weekly press briefing that Pakistan is going to raise the issue of...