Azerbaijan-Turkiye Defense Cooperation: A Review of last 10 years


Azerbaijan is one of most prominent customer of Turkish growing defense industry. In last few years, Azerbaijani troops undergoing a modernization process and procuring weapons from Turkey, Israel, China and Pakistan. In this process, Turkey emerged as the main weapon supplier to Azerbaijan.

In 2015-2016, Azerbaijan procured T-300 (300mm) self-propelled artillery with multiple rocket launchers for the Azerbaijani army. That deal costs about $244 million. Under this arms deal, turkey also supplied T-107 (107mm) and T-122 (122mm) multiple rocket launchers to Azerbaijan.

Reportedly, Turkey also supplied Bayrakhtar TB-2 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) to Azerbaijan.
In the last five (5) years, we saw an extensive military modernization of Azerbaijani armed forces, and the Turkish defense industry also contributed in that modernization.
In 2015, Turkey delivered TRG-300 guided rockets for T-300 MRL. In 2018-2020, Turkey supplied Bayrakhtar TB-2 UCAVs along with MAM-L Guided bombs for Bayrakhtar TB-2 UCAVs. According to the SIPRI Arms transfer database, Turkey supplied 50 MAM-L guided bombs and 5 Bayrakhtar TB-2 UCAVs. In 2018, Azerbaijan procured 10 SOM Air Launch Cruise Missiles from her iron brother. Interestingly, Azerbaijan is the first foreign customer of SOM ALCM. SOM is manufactured by Turkish aerospace company “Roketson”. Azerbaijan bought the SOM-B1 version of the SOM missile. SOM is designed to use against strategic enemy positions on land and sea. This missile has a range of about 280 kilometers. According to media reports, Azerbaijani MiG-29 will carry this missile.

Author: Umair Aslam 


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