Biden asks G-7 to take a tougher line on China, but not all allies are enthusiastic


President of United States, Joe Biden asked leaders of other affluent democracies to make a united front line against China’s use of forced labor, asserting that a powerful bar is a moral and practical authority therefore.


An agreement on a unified substitute to the heavy-handed Chinese economic expansion strategy is also expected from The Group of Seven economic club, that can leave poorer nations saddled with debt.


Despite large scale trade links and hopes for collaboration to combat climate change and other priorities, Biden’s foreign policy is countering China.

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But some of the leaders are less longing to jab Beijing over its la bor practices. It was obscure whether Biden could talk them into fully backing his proposal to call out China for its making use of forced labor.


China was described as like-minded about concerns over Chinese behavior but a difference of opinion about how to respond by a senior U.S. official.


It was not straight away clear where the others stood but as much as Britain, Canada and France are concerned, they quickly backed Biden’s view.

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The official speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to report the discussion on the record said,“There are differentials, I think, within the spectrum of how hard they would push on some of these issues,”

The official forecasted that an articulated statement from the seven leaders would address the issue in assorted form. That statement is to be issued Sunday and is still in the works, as stated by the official.


Contributor: Sana Fatima

She is doing BS International Relations from National University of Modern Languages. She has keen interest in European Politics.


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