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How good is Pakistan’s acquisition of J-10C from China

The Chengdu J-10, commonly known as the Vigorous Dragon, is a single-engine medium weight fighter capable of flying in all conditions. It has a delta wing and canard design, as well...

Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder Block-III Production Status

According to reports circulating on Pakistan's defense social media accounts, Pakistan has speculatively produced the JF-17 Thunder Block 3, which will be displayed at the Pakistan Day Parade on March 23,...

Elbit Systems Affinity awarded $88 MN Contract for Training Aircraft of RAF

Elbit Systems announced that its UK joint venture with Kellog, Brown and Root Ltd, Affinity Flying Training Services Ltd, has been awarded an approximately $88 million contract by the UK Ministry...

Eurofighter Typoon: Detailed Insights

Maximum Speed: Mach 2.0 Thrust: 90 kN (from each of the two EUROJET EJ200 turbofans) Length: 15.96 m Maximum Altitude: Above 55,000 ft Wingspan: 10.95 m Height: 5.29 m Wing area: 50m2 Empty weight: 10,000 kg Loaded weight: 21,000...

Rafale Omnirole Fighter Aircraft: Detailed Insights

Role: Multi-role fighter aircraft (Ground attack, air superiority, nuclear strike, maritime strike) Origin: France (Dassault Aviation) First flight: July 4, 1986 Maximum Speed: 1.8 mach Engine: The Rafale is fitted with twin M88-2 engines each...