Third Russian Military Plane Mishap in a Week

  In the Astrakhan area on Wednesday nightfall a Russian MiG-29 fighter crashed. It is the third such occurrence containing a Russian military aircraft crashing in a week. Pilot of that MiG-29...

Afghan Air Force: Capabilities and Challenges

History of Afghan Air Force: As the clashes between the Kabul regime and Taliban are intensifying in Afghanistan. The major threats faced by the advancing Taliban are Afghan Air Force. With the...

Eurofighter Typoon: Detailed Insights

Maximum Speed: Mach 2.0 Thrust: 90 kN (from each of the two EUROJET EJ200 turbofans) Length: 15.96 m Maximum Altitude: Above 55,000 ft Wingspan: 10.95 m Height: 5.29 m Wing area: 50m2 Empty weight: 10,000 kg Loaded weight: 21,000...

Rafale Omnirole Fighter Aircraft: Detailed Insights

Role: Multi-role fighter aircraft (Ground attack, air superiority, nuclear strike, maritime strike) Origin: France (Dassault Aviation) First flight: July 4, 1986 Maximum Speed: 1.8 mach Engine: The Rafale is fitted with twin M88-2 engines each...

Greece takes delivery of 1st of 18 French Rafale fighter aircrafts

Rafale would be a strategic game change for Greece. Rafale will pose a serious threat to Turkish Air Force and Turkish Navy.

Armed Drones used to drop bombs on Indian Air Base in Jammu, first of its kind attack in India

Today at about 01 30, Indian Air Force base at Jammu in Indian Occupied Kashmir was attack by armed Drones. According to media reports, attack was conducted by Kashmiri freedom fighters. Read...