Middle East


Lebanon Crisis hits new Government to Resign

The prevailing resentment in Lebanon resulted in mass protests against economic tumult and corruption. When the government was formed after nine months, resignation occurred due to an increase in pressure in...

Israel strikes Gaza violating May Truce with Hamas

Israel carried out air strikes in the Gaza Strip on Sunday in response to Palestinian rocket fire into its territory, the Israeli military said.

US pulls missile defences in Saudi Arabia amid Yemen attacks

Last week, Kingdom was attacked by drone and missile strikes and Saudis claimed that "they intercepted those missiles and drones"

US announces new sanctions targeting Omani ‘broker’

Announced on Friday that talks to bring around the nuclear deal among Iran and world powers have delayed with a new government led by conservative President Ibrahim Raisi who got into...

Israeli foreign minister inaugurates diplomatic office in Morocco

On Thursday, Israel formally opened its diplomatic office in Morocco. As relations with the North African country were normalized last year. It was inaugurated by the foreign minister on the visit. Israeli...

IRAN’s New President-elect Raisi dismissed negotiations over ballistic missile programme

Mr Raisi a Hard lined Shia Muslim cleric who elected as President on Friday's election ruled out any possibility of negotiations over Iran's ballistic missile programme. He said there will be...