China Launches another weather satellite in Space, will cover Asia, Indian ocean and Pacific ocean


Peoples Republic of China successfully launched the Fengyun-4B (FY-4B), which is a new weather satellite, into planned orbit on thursday, according to Beijing’s time.

The FY-4B satellite is the China’s new-generation meteorological satellite which is strengthen the china’s observation of disaster management.

This satellite will be used in the areas of weather analysis and forecasting, and environmental and disaster monitoring, the report said.

State run “Global Times” reported that, “The network will also be able to conduct dynamic monitoring and tracking of a variety of disaster elements including floods, cold fronts, droughts and sand storms”.

It is equipped with a rapid imager, improving measurement resolution to 250 meters from the geostationary orbit and accelerating scan imaging of the Earth, it said.

This satellite will cover areas of Asia-Pacific, Central-Asia, South Asia, and Indian Ocean.

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