Killing of Dr. Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh

The killing of an Iran’s top nuclear scientist Dr. Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh has caused prodigious uproar in the country. He was considered as the mastermind of Iran’s nuclear ambitions and his peculiar death has arisen many queries. Despite Iran’s utilization of Enriched Uranium production, they are not developing weapons since their nuclear deal of 2015 with the world in supervision of IAEA.

Though things changed after Trump’s administration broke off from the treaty in 2018. The sanctions imposed on Iran have already caused huge economic loss to the country.

Iran has accused Israel for the death of Fakhri Zadeh. During 2010-2012 Israel killed many Iranian Scientists so that Iran could be made unable to build up any nuclear weapons since they had the capabilities regarding which America was already in deal with Iran.

Furthermore, the recent killing has made Iran anguish with anger and they claimed to take revenge from Israel, yet in their own way and at a right time. That’s a strong but concealing statement. However, Israel has neither taken the responsibility of the killing nor they will. But all the proofs show that Israel and an exiled opposition group Mujahedin- Khaliq is behind the scene.

First Iranians thought that death has occurred due to the gun fighting between the Fakhri Zadeh’s bodyguard and other group of gunmen. But later reports said that no one was present at the time of incident and he was killed by a remote-controlled weapon (satellite control weapon) in a town near Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Later on, he was also buried in Tehran.  No action is taken by UNSC till now even after Iran demanded it to condemn the killing and punish those who are responsible. Nonetheless, Iran will not face any difficulty in their abandoned nuclear program after the death of Fakhri Zadeh since the information needed is already acknowledged by other scientists.

In view of one perspective, Iran will start to develop more Uranium and it may restart its nuclear program. If this happens, it will have severe implications in the region and a new era of nuclear arms race will begin in the Middle east and overall, in the world.

Especially, in a region where already two nuclear powers India and Pakistan exists close to the Iran. Middle East may face peace impeding problems due to the presence of nuclear weapon in the region. This situation will create total unrest, security dilemma and distrust among the countries.

There was a presumption that America’s new administration of Joe Biden will help in easing the sanctions on Iran and a new deal between US and Iran will create harmonious relation between the two. It will retrieve Iran’s economy. Hence at this crucial time, this incident proved fatal.

It seems Israel and Trump did not want Biden’s administration to have peacetime with Iran. Hence, they have become the rolling stone and continuously trying to hamper the peace process. This recent incident will further disrupt the diplomatic relations between two states and it can have serious implications.




Muhammad Asaad Ali Raja

Author is currently pursuing his BS Defense and Strategic Studies from National Defense University.

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