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Pakistan Navy Submarine Capabilities

Pakistan is situated in South Asia and shares 800 kilometers long coastline with Arabian sea. On the eastern border, Pakistan's arch rival "India" is located.

Ebrahim Raisi as Iran’s new president

Tehran, Iran – Iran's eighth president has been elected and announced. Conservative judiciary head, Ebrahim Raisi has replaced Hassan Rouhani. He won 61.95 percent...

Weapon Locating Radars: Recommendations for Pakistan Army

Weapon Locating Radars (WLRs) are used to locate the enemy artillery fire.  Weapon location system for pointing enemy artillery fire is an important asset for troops on the ground.

Iranian vote to chose their fate: presidential election on the horizon

Iranians cast their votes in a presidential election on Friday. More or less, 60 million eligible voters in Iran will determine the fate of four candidates to succeed President Hassan Rouhani.

Royal Bahraini Air Force – 2021: A Review

The Royal Bahraini Air Force was established in 1977. Initially, Bahraini Air Force received Northrup F-5E/Fs from United States in mid-1980s. Today, Royal Bahraini...

US Withdrawal from Afghanistan and its Foreign Policy; An Analysis

Foreign policy in its essence is a tool to further the nation’s national interest in the international system.

Killing of Dr. Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh

The killing of Iran’s top nuclear scientist Dr. Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh has caused prodigious uproar in the country. He was considered the mastermind of...

The toll of Israeli strikes on Gaza: Mapping the destruction left behind

In May, a substantial and widespread destruction was made to Gaza during the 11-day conflict between Hamas and Israel. Tons of buildings and dozens of roads were sabotaged as shown by the initial United Nations analysis.

The Great Dilemma

Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube; It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that these tools have actually created some wonderful things...

Biden asks G-7 to take a tougher line on China, but not all allies are enthusiastic

President of United States, Joe Biden asked leaders of other affluent democracies to make a united front line against China’s use of forced labor,...

Will Kashmir face a fate like Palestine?

Article 370 of the Indian constitution provided Kashmir valley its special status and autonomy in every aspect, expect defense, communication, and foreign affairs. Similarly,...

Military Power as a Tool of Deterrence

In the ongoing 21st century, the country with more military power has been considered more powerful and can rule the whole world. Such leading...