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Royal Bahraini Air Force – 2021: A Review


The Royal Bahraini Air Force was established in 1977. Initially, Bahraini Air Force received Northrup F-5E/Fs from United States in mid-1980s. Today, Royal Bahraini Air Force consists up of modern aircrafts and helicopters such as F-16 Fighting Falcons and UH-60 Black Hawks.



Fighter Aircrafts (Bahraini):

  • 2 squadrons with F-16C/D Fighting Falcons (Assigned to: 1st The Fighter Squadron, 2nd The Fighter Squadron)


F-16 Fighting Falcon (Source: F-16.net)

Fighter/Ground Attack Aircrafts:

  • 1 squadron with F-5E/F Tiger II (Assigned to: 6th The Fighter Squadron)


Transport Aircrafts:

1 (Royal) flight with B-727; B-747; BAe-146; Gulfstream (II; IV; 450; 550) S-92A, C-130J


Training Aircrafts:

  • 1 squadron with Hawk Mk129 (Assigned to: 5th Squadron)
  • 1 squadron with T-67M Firefly (Assigned to: 4th Squadron)


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Attack Helicopters:

  • 2 squadron with AH-1E/F Cobra; TAH-1P Cobra (Assigned to: 8th Helicopter Squadron, 9th helicopter Squadron)


Transport Helicopters:

  • 1 squadron with Bell 212 (AB-212) (Assigned to: 3rd Helicopter Squadron)
  • 1 squadron with UH-60M Black Hawk (Assigned to: 10th helicopter Squadron)
  • 1 (VIP) squadron with Bo-105; S-70A Black Hawk; UH-60L Black Hawk (Assigned to: 12th helicopter Squadron)

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Royal Bahrain Air Force Fighter Aircraft Fleet:

  • 8 F-5E Tiger II;
  • 4 F-5F Tiger II
  • 16 F-16C Block 40 Fighting Falcon;
  • 4 F-16D Block 40 Fighting Falcon
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon






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