A Different Story of Pakistan and Bangladesh

Pakistan and Bangladesh, born in 1947 as two wings of the same country, experienced a bloody divorce in 1971. Since then, the trajectory of the political, economic, and social development of...

Is Military Modernization inevitable for Pakistan?

In today’s fast-moving world, technological advancements seem to affect all aspects of traditional and non-traditional security challenges. In this context, military modernization programs are considered to be the main driver that...

Cherishing Role Of Nation On 6th September 1965

Since 1965, Pakistan has observed 6th September as Defense Day in order to show its thanks to the war dead, maintain the same spirit, inform the next generation about the nation's...

Analysis: Pakistan’s First-Ever National Security Policy

The National Security Policy has been formulated but now the consensus of all parliamentarians and provinces is required.

India tests long-range Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo (SMART)

India successfully test fired a long-range Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo (SMART) off Balasore coast in Odisha on Monday. This weapon system is being developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)...

Indian Air Force Mirage-2000 crashes in Madhya Pradesh, pilot safe

On Thursday morning, Indian Air Force lost a Mirage-2000 aircraft due to technical mulfunction. According to initial details, pilot has ejected safely from the aircraft. The pilot has been injured and an...