Future Of Pakistan’s Diplomacy in Diverse Political Landscape

  “No nation can have a sure guide as to what it must do and what it need not do in foreign policy without accepting the national interests as that guide” (Morgenthau) Barry...

Who will be Pakistan’s next Army Chief and Joint Chief of the military

General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan's Army head, and Joint Chief General Nadeem Raza is set to retire in November. The government will have to choose the next Chief of Army Staff...

Subsequent Prospects of Afghan Politics

All havocs grounded on the land renowned as the quagmire for the great empires. Kabul was surrounded by the warriors, insurgents, fighters, Taliban, Madrassah-Chap, terrorists-multiple identities with dynamic patterns of world...

Politics in Pakistan

Politics in Pakistan Politics are the exercises engaged with getting and utilizing power in public life and having the option to impact choices that impact a nation or a general public....

Iranian vote to chose their fate: presidential election on the horizon

Iranians cast their votes in a presidential election on Friday. More or less, 60 million eligible voters in Iran will determine the fate of four candidates to succeed President Hassan Rouhani.