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Saudi-Iran Conflict: Conquest for Regional Hegemony

The rivalry between the two pro-western realms Iran and Saudi Arabia, apart from the Arab oil crisis, is one of the multi-faceted challenges being faced by the Middle East. In order...

Saudi Arabia orders Lebanese Ambassador to leave Riyadh and recalls it’s ambassador

Saudi Arabia on friday ordered Lebanese Ambassador to leave Riyadh and recalled it's Ambassador to Lebanon. Saudi government also stopped all imports from Lebanon causing another instability in Middle East. https://twitter.com/isajjal_amir/status/1454147919293079560?t=xwz94X4kmp0ulemTKbpd0w&s=19 In a...

Pakistan calls for effective steps for durable peace in Afghanistan

Pakistan's PM Imran emphasized the importance of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan for Pakistan and the region while meeting his Bahraini counterpart in Saudi Arabia. In a meeting, he went on to...

Exercise Report: Naseem Al Bahr-13

Participants: Pakistan Navy (PN) Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) Ships: PNS Shamsheer Jalalaat-class missile boat HMS Al Riyadh (812) HMS Al-Farouq (513) HMS Badr (612) Air Assets:  ...

Saudi contingent arrived Karachi to Participate in Joint Naval Exercise “Naseem Al Bahr-13”

Saudi contingent arrived Karachi to Participate in Joint Naval Exercise "Naseem Al Bahr-13" Major joint Naval Exercise Naseem Al Bahr XIII between Pakistan Navy and Royal Naval Forces (RSNF) commenced at Karachi. The...

US pulls missile defences in Saudi Arabia amid Yemen attacks

Last week, Kingdom was attacked by drone and missile strikes and Saudis claimed that "they intercepted those missiles and drones"