13 people from Ethnic Hazaras executed in Afghanistan


Taliban after taking control of Central Province Daykundi, killed 13 people from Hazara ethnicity including a 17-year-old girl-Amnesty international alleged in a report.  The rights group in its report on Tuesday claimed that at least 11 former members of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) were executed by a convoy of 300 Taliban fighters after they entered in Khidr district on 30th August.


9 of ANSF Soldiers were killed near a river basin, even after they surrendered.  A teenager Named as Masooma and a newly wed young man Fayaz has been killed in the crossfire. All the ANSF Soldiers were belonging to ethnic Hazaras, ranged between 26 to 46 years of age.  It is the second incident of Hazaras allegdly reported by Amnesty and at least nine Hazara men were executed by Taliban fighters in Ghazni province in July before the fall of Kabul.


By September 1, the Taliban had denied the killings. Saidqullah Abed, the Taliban appointed police chief for Daykundi, would only confirm that one of their fighters had been injured in the crossfire.  Raihana Azad, a former member of Parliament for the province, also verified Amnesty’s report to Al Jazeera, saying the events of August 30 amounted to “inhumane mass killings” carried out by the Taliban.


Taliban government is already short inclusiveness with minorities has no role in it-completely governed by a single sect. Such an incidents have been reducingthe chances of a recognized government in the world. The world already is averse of the idea to early recognition of Taliban government. Afghanistan has been already facing a fragile economy.


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