Airbus delivers first H225M combat helicopter to Brazilian Navy

Airbus helicopters has delivered first H225M naval combat helicopter to Brazilian Navy. This helicopter was manufactured by Helibras (the Brazilian subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters). This helicopter is the most advanced helicopter among all versions of H225M.

According to a Defense News Website “Navy Recognition“,

The aircraft’s embedded systems include the EWS IDAS-3 (countermeasure system), MBDA Exocet AM39 B2M2 missiles, the APS143 tactical radar and the naval mission system N-TDMS (Naval Tactical Data Management System) developed in partnership with Atech and Airbus Defense and Space, which is responsible for making the command and control of all embedded systems, including the missile system.

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This helicopter is armed with AM39 Anti-Ship Missile (AShm). This missile has a strike range of 70 kilometers and manufactured by European Firm “MBDA”. This helicopter has a range of 700 nautical miles and can be extended with air-to-air or hover in-flight refuelling capabilities.

Umair Aslam
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