Indian Air Force Central Air Command
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Central Air Command is one of the five regional commands of the Indian Air Force. It was formed on 19 March 1962 in Kolkata but later, headquartered in Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh.

Indian Central Air Command consists of the following airbases:

  1. Agra Air Force Station
  2. Bareilly Air Force Station
  3. Maharajpur/Gwalior Air Force Station
  4. Gorakhpur Air Force Station
  5. Nagpur Air Force Station
  6. Kanpur Air Force

Agra houses Indian Air Force’s 4th Wing. 4th wing comprises 12, 50, and 78 Squadrons.

  •  12 Squadron (An-32, An-32RE)
  •  50 Squadron (A-50EhI)
  •  78 Squadron (Il-78MKI)

Bareilly is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This airbase houses 15 wings. 15 wing comprises 3 squadrons including 2 fighter squadrons of Su-30 and 1 Helicopter Unit.

  • 8 Squadron (Su-30MKI/MKI-3)
  • 24 Squadron (Su-30MKI-3)
  • 111 Helicopter Unit (Dhruv Mk. III)

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Gwalior Air Force Station houses three squadrons of French-origin Mirage-2000 combat aircraft. All these squadrons are part of the 40th wing of the Indian Air Force.

  • 1 Squdron (Mirage-2000H, Mirage-2000TH)
  • 7 Squadron (Mirage-2000H)
  • 9 Squadron (Mirage-2000H)

Moreover, the Tactics & Combat Development Establishment (TCDE) of the Indian Air Force is also located at Gwalior AFS.

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17 wing of the Indian Air Force is located at Gorakhpur Air Force Station. This wing consists of 2 flying squadrons of Jaguar and one helicopter unit.

  • 16 Squadron (Jaguar IS, Jaguar IT)
  • 27 Squadron (Jaguar IS, Jaguar IT)
  • 105 Helicopter Unit (Mi-17 V5)


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