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Balochistan: Security Threat Neutralised

Balochistan: Security Threat Neutralised

Efforts are underway from the government side to talk to Baloch Insurgents as PM has mentioned while he was in Balochistan. Jamhoori Watan Party’s chief and MNA Shahzain Bugti as his special are working on reconciliation and harmony in the province.

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There is much talk about Balochistan’s grievances and it is likely to be seen as many agree on the genuine grievances of Baloch. These include the security of life as it is the basic thing that states have to offer. Extremism is present and poor people allow authority over themselves.

But in Balochistan’s case, it seems that the state has failed in this if we look at the level of Religious extremism or any other way people are being killed as the recent killing of Hazara people.

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No doubt there is a foreign hand at play in Balochistan, who helps rebels to specifically targets military personal and there should be no leverage in any form for these people. We have to accept that when a state leaves a vacuum and of people are not addressed.

Especially if the state tries to solve political issues with a military approach there are going to be repercussions for that. People look for other options and especially if they feel alienated. As we have tried the military approach in Musharraf’s Era and that created this current insurgency.

Political problems always need political solutions.Also, this is not only a political problem there are repercussions involved related to economic issues as we know CPEC is not complete and we can’t bear fruits of it if there is a constant fear from insurgents related to security. Recent events whether the attack on Gawadar’s PC showed that even if law enforcement agencies are tackling the issue very well but these events create huge news in the International.

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As Gawadar port is very important in CPEC so there is an international side that we have to take care and it is closely related to security issues in Balochistan. The only approach for smooth processing of everything all the stakeholders should be integrated cause without support from them it is not possible to pave the way for development.

Road to Solution:
For this, the first thing that PM announced is very appreciable as provided that intention and way should be chosen right as to deal with this political issue politically. Secondly, the Electoral process should be made fair so that people can believe in the political process providing the context in which the Last Senate elections were held in Balochistan and also when PML-N was in reign.

Thirdly all the stakeholders should be included in the political process and there should be no favorites and talks with people who hold the support of people. They should listen even if they speak the narrative that some parties don’t approve of as long as it is said in a civilized manner.

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Development is the only Way:
In parallel to this focus should be diverted to education health and development of Baluchistan. Because as long as youth or the next generation cannot find an opportunity or if they do not have enough education they will be more vulnerable as the empty mind is devil’s workshop.

Author: Ijlal Haider

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