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Bayraktar TB2: Ankara’s dominance in drone warfare

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Bayraktar TB2 is an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV), deployed by Kale-Baykar, a joint venture between the Kale Group and Baykar Technologies. It belongs to Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) class of UAVs. Bayraktar’s manufacturer “Baykar” defined Bayraktar TB2 as Tactical UCAV. According to Baykar,

Bayraktar TB2 is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE), Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capable of conducting Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and armed attack missions. An onboard avionic suite with a triple redundant avionic system encompasses units enabling a fully autonomous taxiing, take-off, landing and cruise.

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Bayraktar TB2
Bayraktar TB2 is able to employ MAM and MAM-L ammunitions and UMTAS missiles.


This UCAV has a cruising speed of 70 knots with an operational flight altitude of 24,000 feet and 24 hours of flight time. Baykar states that it has a communication range of 150 km and has a 12-m wing span, 650-kg maximum take-off weight and a 55-kg payload capacity.

This UCAV is able to employ MAM and MAM-L ammunitions and UMTAS missiles.

Bayraktar TB UAV

Specifications of Bayraktar TB2:

  • Communication Range <300 km
  • Maximum Speed: 70 knot – 120 knot
  • Maximum Altitude: 18,000 feet – 27,000 feet
  • Payload Capacity: 150 kg
  • Payload – ISR: Switchable EO/IR/LD or Multi-Purpose AESA Radar
  • Payload – Munitions: 4 Laser Guided Smart Ammunition
  • Fuel Capacity / Type: 300 Liters / Gasoline
  • Takeoff and Landing: Track (Automatic)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 700 kg
  • Endurance: 24 Hours
  • Wingspan: 12 meters
  • Height: 2.2 meters
  • Length: 6.5 meters
  • Thrust Type: 105 Hp Internal Combustion Injection Engine
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