Friday, December 8, 2023

Bayraktar TB3 Completes 3rd Test Flight

Bayraktar TB3 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) successfully conducted its 3rd test flight yesterday at the AKINCI Flight Training and Test Center in the Corlu district of Turkiye’s northwestern Tekirdag province. Powered by a PD-170 engine, Bayraktar TB3 remained in the air for five (5) hours.

Baykar’s press release stated, “Despite the challenging weather conditions caused by a powerful Lodos storm affecting the Marmara region and reaching wind speeds of 130 km/h, the national UAV Bayraktar TB3 successfully completed a 5-hour test flight.”

Bayraktar TB3 UAV was publicly exhibited for the first time at TEKNOFEST Istanbul held at Atatürk Airport from April 27 to May 1, as part of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic. It later participated in TEKNOFEST events held in Ankara and Izmir.

Selçuk Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board and Technology Leader of Baykar, had announced plans to commence testing of Bayraktar TB3 on the TCG Anadolu ship in 2024. The capabilities of Bayraktar TB3 will be a significant innovation in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles in this class. With beyond-line-of-sight communication capabilities, the Bayraktar TB3 will be operable over very long distances.

Umair Aslam
Umair Aslam is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Defense Insight. He has worked as a defense journalist reporting on military modernization programs, nuclear non-proliferation, arms control, and the South Asian Arms race.

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