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Just as decades of debates among Pakistanis have always been to replace Pakistan’s most favorite AK47 with the M4 in 5.56mm, it has always ended one way or the other with the conclusion of the M4 and M16’s inferiority.

The M4 came to field use during the War On Terror, with a superior forward assist mechanism and many other improvements that would be long to list here. But the intermediate cartridge was never truly suited to the role of defeating the enemy, but rather neutralizing it, and capturing the enemy alive. Just as one British army personnel once remarked, its ineffectiveness was closer to just “…shooting needles…”. The AK47 in its 7.62×39 cartridge remained unchallenged against its 5.56mm rivals.

The Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF) is recently been fulfilling many of its fan’s and firearm enthusiasts’ wishes. Coming up with its latest models in an improved HK pattern BW20 in 7.62×51 and the BW21, rumored to be chambered in 5.56mm NATO. But its latest release of a video titled to show a model named CW39 in 7.62×39 has sparked the fire of gossip in the gun enthusiast community.

CW-39 Assault Rifle

It’s visible from the video that the CW39 has a similar HK’s stamp sheet metal design, and most probably uses a roller delayed blowback system. Visible from the outside, it features three take-down pins, two of which disassemble the rifle, and one holding the handguard. It has four Picatinny rails, one on top to mount scopes and sights and three on the handguard. An HKG3 pattern charging handles to the left, above the handguard.

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The most important and praised feature is its compatibility with the AK47 magazines, which saves a ton of amount, and logistics and will be serviceable with the existing fleet of the army’s Type56 pattern AK47 rifles. The CW does not feature a fixed front and rear sight.

Secondly, a the only problem the user may get with it in functional use would be the inability to mount accessories to the left side of the handguard. It may obstruct or create difficulty to pull the charging handle backwards to load the rifle. A common problem with both the MP5 and the G3 rifle.

The CW will remain a subject of debate among many about its use. But media releases of the platform show a promising future for the 7.62×39 intermediate cartridges.

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