Wednesday, February 28, 2024

US President Joe Biden meets with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.  

US President Joe Biden met and discussed withdrawl of US troops and US support to Kabul with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani , Reuters reports.
Mr Ghani’s former political foe, Abdullah Abdullah also joined them in discussion on friday

They discussed Washington’s support for Afghanistan as the last US troop pack up from Afghanistan after 20 years of war and government forces struggle to repel Taliban advancements.

“At a time when morale is incredibly shaky and things are going downhill, anything one can do to help shore up morale and shore up the government is worth doing,” said Ronald Neumann, a former US ambassador to Kabul. “Inviting Ghani here is a pretty strong sign that we’re backing him.”

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Our troops may be leaving, but support for Afghanistan is not ending,” Mr. Biden said.

The Biden administration has assured Afghanistan’s leaders that it will continue to provide security, diplomatic and humanitarian assistance, even as the Taliban advances on Afghan government forces. The New york times reported.

Back in region, Pakistan’s Premier also warned of any Taliban’s cessation of Kabul by Force will not be legitimized and the country will seal its borders with Afghanistan.

Withdrawl of US troops from Afghanistan will create a power vaccum while Taliban has been threatening to take over Kabul with force. Experts indicates failure of IntraAfghan Dialogue if any cesation of Afghan capital ll be held by force.


Usman Zulfiqar Ali

He is a Columnist and student of International Relations.

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