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Blog: Key U.S. Naval Installations

In this blog, we are discussing the key U.S. naval installationS. US Navy is considered the most powerful navy on the planet earth. Currently US Navy is operating 68 submarines, 11 Aircraft Carriers, 91 Large Surface ships, 30 small surface ships, 63 Logistics & Support Vessels and 33 Amphibious Warships. Here is the list of Key U.S. Naval Installations:

1. Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickham, HI (U.S. Pacific Fleet headquarters)

2. Naval Base Kitsap, WA

3. Naval Station Everett, WA

4. Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Coronado, CA (U.S. Third Fleet headquarters)

5. Naval Station Mayport, FL (U.S. Fourth Fleet headquarters)

6. Naval Submarine Base King’s Bay, GA

7. Naval Base Norfolk and Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek, VA (U.S. Fleet Forces Command and U.S. Second Fleet headquarters)

8. Naval Submarine Base New London, CT

9. Keflavik, Iceland—Expeditionary Maritime Operations Center

10. Naval Station Rota, Spain

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11. Naval Support Activity Gaeta, Italy (U.S. Sixth Fleet headquarters)

12. Naval Support Activity, Bahrain (U.S. Fifth Fleet headquarters)

13. Lemonnier, Djibouti—Camp Lemonnier

14. Diego Garcia—Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia

15. Singapore—Commander Logistics Group Western Pacific

16. Buson, South Korea—Fleet Activities Chinhae Navy Base

17. U.S. Fleet Activity Yokosuka, Japan (U.S. Seventh Fleet headquarters)

18. U.S. Fleet Activity Sasebo, Japan

19. Okinawa, Japan—Naval Base White Beach

20. Naval Base Guam—Navy Expeditionary Force Command Pacific headquarters

21. Darwin, Australia—Marine Rotational Force Darwin


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