BSDA 2024 – Showcasing Global Defense Innovations, this May, in Bucharest


The 9th edition of Black Sea Defense and Aerospace – BSDA 2024, the premier exhibition for military, aeronautical, and security equipment in Eastern Europe, will be held from May 22nd  to May 24th in Bucharest, Romania. The event is set to host an impressive number of companies, over 400 from more than 30 countries, showcasing cutting-edge military products and services. Notable features include the display of the U.S. Air Force’s fifth-generation fighter, the latest M1A2 Abrams tank, and other advanced ground and aerial systems, presented by leading manufacturers or deployed by armed forces.

Key global companies such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Technologies, and Hyundai Rotem, along with prominent Romanian manufacturers like Aerostar and Romarm, will be prominently featured in the exhibition.

BSDA 2024 not only serves as a showcase for the latest in defense technology but also provides a valuable platform for networking and strategic alliances. The event facilitates extensive discussions and meetings between international defense leaders and regional counterparts, aiming to bolster local industry through technology transfers and collaborative ventures. These interactions are vital for enhancing the capabilities of Romania’s defense sector and integrating it further into the global defense community. The presence of numerous government officials and defense industry leaders underscores the importance of BSDA as a pivotal event for advancing national and regional security interests, in the Black Sea Region.

BSDA 2024 is organized by TNT Productions Romania with the support of the Romanian Government and the US Embassy in Bucharest.

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