13 people from Ethnic Hazaras executed in Afghanistan

Taliban after taking control of Central Province Daykundi, killed 13 people from Hazara ethnicity including a…

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Pakistan is capable of repelling any ‘jihadi’ attempt to seize power and of protecting its nuclear weapons,

Pakistan capable of protecting its nuclear weapons, says U.S Report

According to a Stockholm based think tank, Pakistan has about 155-165 nuclear warheads.

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Afghanistan: Ready for Another Tour of Great Game

In the nineteenth century, the Russian and British empires fought for Afghanistan, and in the twentieth…

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Islamic State Khorasan Chapter

Islamic State Khorasan Chapter, A New Regional Threat

Afghanistan has been struck by its first terror attack within two weeks of the Taliban’s takeover…

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Taliban's Special Forces: Badri 313

Taliban’s Special Forces: Badri 313 unit secures the capital Kabul

The Afghan Taliban’s NATO-like soldiers wearing American tactical gear are famous nowadays. The group has demonstrated…

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Taliban target provincial Afghan cities in response to U.S. strikes, commanders say

Capturing Kandahar and Herat would mean allot to Taliban and it will give boost to their…

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Pakistan once again gave Refuge to Afghans

Pakistan once again gave refuge to Afghanis.”Refuge and safe passage” granted by Pakistan army at Pak-Afghan…

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Imran Khan lashed at Afghan President

    Imran Khan lashed at Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s claims about Pakistan’s “negative role” in…

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ASEAN, a Challenger For EU

ASEAN, a Challenger For EU ASEAN is an intergovernmental organization, having 10 member states. In resent…

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