China aims to target Indian AH-64E attack helicopters with newly deveolped “LY-70” air defense system


Eighth Research Institute of Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation unveiled a new air defense system “LY-70” at Zhuhai Airshow, 2021. China aims to counter Indian AH-64E apache helicopters, Taiwanese F-16 fighter aircrafts and american RQ-4 global hawk drone with this newly deveolped system.

China also released a animation video of newly devolped air defense system at Zhuhai air show, 2021.

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According to animation video, LY-70 is intercepting AH-64 helicopters, F-16 fighter aircraft and QR-4 global hawk drone.

Thus, China tries to counter Indian, Taiwanese and american aerial threats will a single air defense system.


Indian AH-64E Apache helicopters:

India is the 14th nation to select the Apache and is recived the most modern variant, the AH64E Apache,

Indian Air Force has a fleet of 22 Being AH-64E attack helicopters. Few of them are also deployed along Line of Actual Control.

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About LY-70 Air defense System:

LY-70 Air defense system is devolped by eighth Research Institute of Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It is composed of launch vehicles and supporting support equipment. LY-70 can intercept cruise missiles, air-to-surface missiles, guided bombs, rockets, and fixed-wing aircraft, armed helicopters, drones and other targets around the clock. It provides ground forces and important facilities with accompanying air defense and regional air defense protection.

It can detect a radius of 70km and intercept a slope of 40km. The weapon system can operate independently or in a networked operation. The standard configuration is 2 combat vehicles + 4 launch vehicles.


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