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China and Tajikistan to conduct Joint anti-terrorism drills in Dushanbe

China and Tajikistan to conduct Joint anti-terrorism drills in Dushanbe, amid serious political turmoil in Afghanistan.

China with its Central Asian neighbor Tajikistan kicks off two-days joint drills to curb looming threats of terrorism in the region, aiming to strengthen coordination of anti-terrorism troops of the two regional countries.

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The exercise has been conducted with the efforts of China’s Ministry of Public security and the the ministry of Internal affairs of Tajikistan.

Chinese minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi earlier wrote to the Minister of Tajikistan International Affairs ‘Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro’, and chairman of the Tajikistan State Committee for National Security ‘Saimumi Yatimov’.

In a letter to Tajik officials, Zhao stressed the comprehensive and solid strategic ties between the two neighbors and noted the effective cooperation of Law-enforcement agencies of both countries in various sectors including to curb terrorism, border security, and regional stability.

The current, dramatic reshuffle in global Politics hints at the less optimistic regional anti-terrorism situation and the drill ll enhance coordination between the anti-terrorism forces for combat readiness, strengthening combat capabilities, said the Chinese Minister of Public Security.

The dynamic reshuffle in the Afghanistan regime draws concerns of regional stakeholders.

China is much concerned about the East Turkistan Islamic movement which can destabilize its strategic Xinjiang province. The western province of China is the site for nuclear testing and military exercises.

China is also foreseeing a corridor in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAR) in Tajikistan to Afghanistan to interlink China with these countries under the flagship Belt and Road connectivity project.

Author: Usman Zulfiqar Ali

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