Tuesday, February 27, 2024

China: Headwinds rise, accelerating fiscal support to protect growth

China: Headwinds rise, accelerating fiscal support to protect growth. China is on the way to accelerate spending in projects that are focused on Infrastructure. As Delta variant and the flood are trying to risk all investments that are currently in place. Central Bank is underway to support and simple easy steps.

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The leadership of China is trying to prevent this slowdown as it may lead to further problems. Chinese economy has returned to before pendamic glory as their growth rate is strong. This situation is soon to be discussed as softness in consumption and investment is indicating.

Previous week, meeting of Politburo who is from ruling communist party, pledged to keep a stance in the face of uneven domestic recovery and international uncertainty.

“The Downward pressure on the economy is increasing but we have enough policy tools to deal with it” a policy source that advises government. “Fiscal policy will be more effective in providing targeted support for the economy”.

Chinese producers are holding on with higher raw material prices and global supply. The spread of Delta variant and new cases with floods and rains in the state have disturbed the Capital Activity throughout China.


  • Industrial output +6.4% y/y vs June’s +8.3%, Reuters poll +7.8%
  • Retail sales +8.5% y/y vs June’s +12.1%, Reuters poll +11.5%
  • Fixed asset investment +10.3% in Jan-July, Reuters poll +11.3%
  • Analysts expect growth to continue to slow.

Author: Abdul Mateen Iqbal

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