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China-Pakistan joint maritime drills “Sea Guardian 2” begins in Shanghai


The joint maritime exercises between the Pakistani Navy and Chinese Navy started in Shanghai, today. The opening ceremony of “Sea Guardian 2” was held at a military port in Wusong, Shanghai. Higher officials and troops from both navies attended the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, the higher officials of both sides delivered speeches respectively, saying that the friendship between China and Pakistan has a long history, and the navies of the two countries have always maintained close communication and close cooperation. Through the continuous deepening of exchanges and cooperation between the navies of the two countries, the capabilities of the two sides to jointly respond to maritime security threats and maintain maritime peace will be further enhanced.

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It is noted that the “Sea Guardian-2” joint maritime exercise is the second exercise in the series of “Sea Guardian” exercises between China and Pakistan. In January 2020, the two sides held a joint exercise codenamed “Sea Guardian-2020” in the North Arabian Sea. The participating forces of the two countries closely coordinated and cooperated in-depth, successfully completed all the established subjects, and explored the advantages of the joint maritime exercise.

In this joint exercise, China’s participating forces are mainly the naval forces of the Eastern Theater Command, including guided-missile frigates Xiangtan and Shuozhou, comprehensive supply ships Qiandaohu, 1 submarine, 1 early warning (EW) aircraft, 2 fighter jets, and 1 helicopter. The Pakistani side participating in the exercise is the multi-role guided-missile frigate “Taimur”. During the joint exercise, the two sides will carry out drills on subjects such as joint sea strike, joint tactical maneuver, joint anti-submarine operations, joint support for damaged ships, and joint supply, as well as port and shore combat planning, professional technical exchanges, cultural and sports activities, etc.

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