Wednesday, February 28, 2024

China wants Russia to encourage Taliban, building an inclusive political Structure in Afghanistan says Chinese Foreign Minister


Chinese state councilor and Foreign minister wang yi telephoned his Russian counterpart surgey Lavrov, exchanging views over political turmoil in Afghanistan.

FM wang noted a highly drama in Afghanistan when Taliban took over the Kabul and Ghani government collapsed. Wang dismissed any Military solution in War torn country.

Chinese Foreign ministry Wang said that the current circumstances require us two (Russia and China) to coordinate and strengthen the communication, supporting and guarding legitimate interests in Pashtun lands.

China and Russia should collectively encourage the Talibans to devise friendly and peaceful Foreign policies enhancing an inclusive political Structure in their country.

Mr Wang also enforced the need to ensure the new Taliban government would curb terrorists and help in containing Terrorism and extremism the East Turkistan Islamic Movement to avoid Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for terrorists and extremism.

Russian Foreign minister surgey Lavrov said dynamic situation in Afghanistan worsen and complicated the global situation. And we ll work with china to respond the situation appropriately.

The matters related to Russia’s efforts to write to WHO to oppose the politicization of the tracing of origins of the coronavirus, and questioned the WHO’s plan for the second phase of origins tracing, came into discussion.

Earlier China and Russia denied to closetheir embassies in Kabul and China announced to work with Taliban government in Afghanistan.

China Russia and Pakistan are major regional stakeholders in Afghanistan and included in Troika plus, for better political solution in Afghanistan.

Author: Usman Zulfiqar Ali

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