Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Formally Invited by U.S. State Department Amid Volt Typhoon Cyber Attack


The State Department of United States affirmed the news of extending formal invite of Washington visit to Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi on 1 August 2023. Official visit details are kept out of known till now. The intent harnessed by state official clarified that it is invested in negotiation with China over clash of interests in order to Favour Mutual Trust. It condemns the adverse impact cascaded by the factors of radical influence in guise of ‘’Misconception’’ and ‘’Miscalculation’’ with Chinese counterparts. Amidst of controversies, it seeks mutual reassurance over several strategic matters to avoid outrageous outcomes.

Importance of invitation is connected with early surfacing of United States Intelligence Community and Microsoft official announcement regarding Chinese Cyber Attack on 24 may, 2023. Claim was forwarded over alleged detection of malware identified as ‘’Volt Typhoon” in the Tele-communication networks and devices of United States’ over-seas naval bases in Guam. The matter was formerly extended to then Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang to navigate the fault lines. But unfortunately, the lines of communication between China and United States were disrupted by the turbulence of new Chinese Foreign Minister Appointment. The United States letter of invitation lost its meaning and required progression of formal actions. It took more than a month for the successful extension of transfer to current Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

At the moment, China stuck by its denial over Volt Typhoon while termed it beyond attempt by state. While United States is trying to engage diplomatically with the initiative of negotiation broadly over mutual geo-political tension with China.

Author: Seerat Fatima is the scholar of Defence and Nuclear Studies. Her affiliation with National Defence University is quoted for BS enrolled program of Strategic Studies. The area of Interest lies in deep analysis of International geo-political affairs and influence of new technologies over the concept of deterrence.

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