Comparing Glock vs Baretta Firearm


Beretta is a private Italian arms manufacturing company whose firearms are widely used among civilians, LEAs and military personnel. It produces semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, shotguns, carbines, assault rifles, SMGs and grenade launchers. Beretta 92 is a series of semi-automatic pistols produced in 1976 and is still used to date. Beretta 92FS is a variant of Beretta 92 which is used by Military Personnel and LEAs.

Glock is a private Austrian firearms production company which specializes in small arms, knives and apparels. Gaston Glock, the founder and company head specializes in synthetic polymer products but had no experience with guns. At the same time (in the 1980s), the Austrian military wanted to change its service pistol from WW-II style to a new generation modern pistol. Defense ministry put up the criteria for the new duty pistol and luckily, Glock G-17 outperformed 5 other brands including Sig, H&K, FN, Beretta, and Steyr.

Purchasing a handgun for self-defence, home defense or even sports shooting can be a very personal choice. The best way to evaluate any two weapon brands is to evaluate what features are most important to you, your use and the information about the weapons, their accuracy, weight, mag capacity and cost.

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Many modern handgun owners are looking for a weapon they can use for their self-defense and in doing so, they turn to 9mm for this purpose because it comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and weights. It is really important to look at the features of the two weapons and the purpose they serve.

Glock and Beretta are two popular pistols in the market. They both have their fans and detractors. Both of these guns have track records which speak for themselves. Both are iconic and not much expensive however both of the guns have unique features which make them the right weapon for the right person.

Glock vs Baretta Firearm

In the 1980s when Gaston Glock started manufacturing Glock, he had no idea about the firearms, but he was an expert in synthetic polymers. As of the production of modern generation duty pistols, he assembled a group of gun experts and asked them about their idea of modern generation pistols.

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He planned to design a firearm which uses less metal and more polymer. This will surely reduce the weight and cost of the handgun and make it more effective. Glocks use a high-strength nylon-based polymer invented by Gaston Glock called the polymer 2 frame for the magazine body and other components. Polymer 2 is used to enhance Glock’s durability, making it more resilient than carbon steel. One of the advantages of the polymer body is that it makes it resistant to high temperatures and corrosive liquids.

Beretta, on the other hand, is a private firearm manufacturing company which is designing and supplying weapons since the 1520s. By 1650, it was providing weapons to every major European war. It is opted for and owned by the Beretta family for 500 years. It surely is one of the oldest weapon-manufacturing companies in the world.

When Glock was getting started, Beretta was chosen as the service handgun for US Army under the designation of Beretta M9. Although Beretta M9 was replaced as the standard duty pistol by 2019 for all the US armed forces, it has enjoyed supplying M9 to the USMC, US Navy and USAF until just a few years ago. Beretta products are reputed well made, durable and reliable.

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In 1985, Beretta won a contract for 500,000 pistols for the US military outperforming its 2 competitors (S&W and Ruger). “Beretta won the $9.9 million contract over Smith & Wesson Corp. and Sturm Ruger & Co. after a series of performance tests in which the 9 mm Beretta handguns performed significantly better than the other two competing companies,” said Ralph Cole, a spokesman for Beretta.

Glock vs Baretta Firearm

In a debate of Glock VS Beretta, it is common to compare G-17 with Beretta 92. Both a double stack 9mm pistols and are among the ranks of best 9mm pistols on market. Beretta is a common choice for those with a military background. It is likely the side arm which is used in their service and is highly reliable and accurate. Glock, on the other hand, is the most used pistol in the world.

Other than accuracy and reliability, it is known for its lightweight and durability. Beretta 92 is an old-school pistol which is considered best among high nines which includes Browning high power, Sig P220 & P226, CZ-75, S&W-59 etc. Beretta has been the favourite for the LEAs and military personnel worldwide.

Glock vs Baretta Firearm

Glock isn’t the first polymer handgun. H&K produced VP70 back in the 1970s before a decade G-17 was produced, but without a debate, Glock produces the best synthetic polymer-made pistol which is striker fired.

Both handguns use 9x19mm para-ammo. Glock 17 mags have a capacity for 10+1 while Beretta 92 abscess outdoes the Glock with a capacity of 15+1. Of course, the larger magazine makes Beretta heavier, which if you’re looking for a CCW or lightweight weapon, can affect your choice.

Glock is a almost half-pound lighter. Glock comes with a trigger safety and uses a striker fire mechanism with a consistent pull on the trigger. But the trigger, according to the users, is mushy. The pistol can be retrofitted with the trigger components, which can be an extra expense.

On the other hand, Beretta uses a slide mounter manual safety and DA/SA mechanism. It takes some getting used to but is highly appreciated by the ones who have used it in their service in the military. If you’re willing to put the time into getting used to the DA/SA mechanism, after a while it doesn’t make a difference.

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Glock may be the choice of Special Forces around the world due to its trigger safety and ergonomics, but it is not safe in the hands of a seasonal shooter who may cause an accidental discharge while drawing the weapon from a holster.

Narrowing it down to personal preferences, ergonomics is the one where one decides what to choose. Shooters with smaller hands prefer Glock-17 over Beretta. Beretta 92FS has a larger grip making it necessary for some to use both hands. It may not be a problem, but it can be a right or wrong situation.

Glock vs Baretta Firearm

Glocks have a comfortable grip for the ones with smaller hands (mostly ladies’ shooters) or who want or need more manoeuvrability when using a single-hand grip. Other considerations like accuracy and cost are very comparable for Glock vs Beretta.

Glock comes at a slightly lower cost than Beretta for most of the sellers, but Glock owners do want some aftermarket modifications which drive up the total cost of the weapon. When the choice comes down to personal need, safety, and comfort, one may go down on a range where you can fire both pistols and compare the weight, handgrip, and flexibility while firing. If you need a CCW, you might want to compare their sizes.

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