Dostarym III and Pakistan’s success in Fight against Terrorism

Dostarym III and Pakistan’s success in Fight against Terrorism

Pakistan has recently been a prime focus for international community in their brawl against terrorism. The country has hosted contingents from various countries for joint military exercises including: Turkey, Russia, China and Egypt. The recent head away came about when Kazakhstan’s Special Forces landed in Islamabad for the third joint exercise, “Dostarym III”. Previously there have been joint collaborations between the two armies in 2017 and 2019. The affairs will commence in Pakistan’s National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC). According to the ISPR statement, “The drills are aimed at: Hostage rescue, Compound clearance, Helicopter rappelling, and CQB (Close Quarter Battle).”

Afghanistan: A Troubled Country

Why Pakistan Army is considered the Best Counter Terrorism Force:

Terrorism is a hot topic around the globe. The rise of extremist elements have threatened the world peace. Especially over the past few decades, terrorism has expanded vertically and horizontally. Now, when the global leaders have joined heads to fathom the plight. Troops from 52 different countries are collectively fighting this battle around the world. However, no significant results have been reported so far. On the other hand, Pakistan has single handedly resolved this menace. However,  this road was doted with many obstacles. Apart from severe life and economic losses, the country  also faced tremendous restrictions from various international forums.  Even in such tiring times, the country still managed to impose defeat on the enemy.

How Pakistan defeated Terrorism?

From strategically cornering them to North Waziristan, launching Intelligence based operations (IBOs) and integrated Aerial attacks. Pakistan has progressed leaps and bounds then the rest of the world. However, this is easier said then done. It took 80,000 lives and over a 100 Billion Dollars dent to the economy. The final nail in the enemy’s coffin came on June 15, 2014. When after series of failed negotiations, the country’s establishment decided to wage a full scale attack on the adversary. Apart from the initial difficulties, the progress was swift and successful as one after the other: cities were cleared, combed and handed over to the civil administration. The terrorists were finally cornered to the North Waziristan, where a series of precision bombings by PAF, proved consummating.

Geopolitical Changes and Security Challenges in North Africa

However, this wasn’t the end. The country had learned a lesson from Afghan war, that leaving a battle field deserted can prove vicious. Therefore, a series of developmental work were initiated that included rehabilitating the IDPs, building of schools, hospitals, markets along with sport grounds and other recreational avenues. All of the above mentioned steps have resulted in the lasting success against terrorism and establishment of the longed for peace in the country. This is the reason why international players are seeking interest in learning lessons from Pakistan’s successful struggle against the menace. The need of the hour is to join hands, improve regional harmony, synergy and learn from each other to collectively work for regional and global peace.

Author: Muhammad Sadiq Farooq


He is an undergrad student of history at Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad. He regularly writes for various newspapers and journals. His interests include South Asian History and Pakistan Affairs.

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