Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Elbit Systems Secures a $100 Million contract to convert a Commercial Plane into Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (EW) aircraft

An Israeli firm, Elbit Systems announced today that it was awarded a follow-on contract worth approximately $100 million to convert commercial aircraft into Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (EW) aircraft. The contract will be performed over a period of three years.

As part of the contract, Elbit Systems will equip the aircraft with advanced Intelligence Mission Suite and EW capabilities. This solution will provide a comprehensive operational picture of the arena generated by SIGINT and Electro-Optics VISINT sensors and systems as well as the capability to activate Electronic Counter Measures against a range of threats. The aircraft will also be equipped with Immune Satellite Navigation Systems (ISNS) and an advanced self-protection solution.

Using electronic warfare systems, targeted electronic attacks can be launched to disrupt and block a wide variety of Communication and Radar threats and enable the aircraft SIGINT operator’s full spectrum control.


Oren Sabag, General Manager of Elbit Systems ISTAR & EW: “This contract highlights our market-leading broad portfolio of ISTAR and EW capabilities and our ability to provide integrated solutions adapted to the customers’ needs. This airborne ISR and EW solution is relevant for today’s defense needs and designed to be “future ready” and adaptable to the fast-evolving operational requirements of our customers.”


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Umair Aslam
Umair Aslam is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Defense Insight. He has worked as a defense journalist reporting on military modernization programs, defense industry, arms procurement, and emerging technologies.

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