Monday, March 4, 2024

ELT Group is exhibiting at the second edition of the World Defense Show

ELT Group is participating in the 2024 edition of the World Defence Show taking place from 4-8 February. It is the second edition of World Defense Show where visitors can find the future of defence through technological developments from around the globe. Visitors are invited to learn more about ELT Group’s capabilities and competencies in Electro Magnetic Spectrum Operation (EMSO) at the company’s booth (1-F6).

ELT Group has a very strong presence in the country and in the last two years it has been strengthened with the creation of a new Saudi-law company, ELT LLC, which has become operational this year. The company gives great importance to logistic support activities and to the creation of new business opportunities.

ELT Group’s overall vision and relevant technological plans are focused on a global and multi-domain dimension, translating into a broadening domain of applications of core competencies in Electro Magnetic Spectrum Operation (EMSO) for intelligence, protection and countermeasure purposes, the most relevant of these are :

  • A solid competence into C-UAS capabilities to protect critical infrastructures from UAS threats;
  • A wide range of land, naval and airborne solutions to provide Tactical and Strategic ESM/ELINT/SIGINT and Electronic Attack Capabilities, including the Tactical EW (TEWS) land system;
  • A modular and multi-service capability to provide a centre for training and operational application for Cyber Electro-Magnetic Activities;
  • Training in both  the EMSO and Cyber domains, both using ELT Group’s facilities and in

In addition to this, recently ELT Group extended its EMSO capabilities into the Space Domain, which is becoming more and more strategic for both civilian and military perspectives. At the ELT Group stand visitors can see a  model of SCORPIO, the first Electronic Intelligence sensor designed and developed by the Company, put into LEO (Low Earth Orbit) orbit last year.

ELT Group confirms its focus on Cyber application and domain, offering impressive capabilities and tools for both Cyber protection and Cyber attack, through its subsidiary Cy4Gate.

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