Wednesday, February 28, 2024

F.B.I. Releases Newly Declassified Document Related to Sept. 11 Attacks

President Biden ordered to release the 16 page document carrying some connections between the Hijackers and Saudi Officials in the year 2001.

The report doesn’t contain any conclusive evidence of involvement of Saudi Arabia in 9/11 attacks on US Soil.

The families of the victims of attacks pressing the government to investigate the role of Saudi Arabia in Manhatten attack.

The document reads as investigator conducted interview with a Saudi man on November 15.

The man identified in report as PII, was applying for citizenship of United States.

He described his work at the country’s consulate in Los Angeles and shared anecdotes about his personal interactions with embassy leadership.

The document claimed that the Investigator found that the person had contacts with the two men who “provided logistic support to the Hijackers”.

The government of Saudi Arabia has long denied any involvement. Its embassy in Washington released a statement this week stating, “any allegation that Saudi Arabia is complicit in the Sept. 11 attacks is categorically false.”

The government refused earlier in 2002 to release the declassified document of congressional inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks that specifically addressed possible connections between the kingdom and the terrorist plot.

The document latter released in 2016, revealed the suspicious meetings of Saudi Royals and Hijackers.

Author Usman Zulfiqar Ali

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