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Field-Proven CİRİT Gaining Momentum with Exports


CİRİT stands out as a cost-effective solution that can be launched from manned or unmanned land, sea or air platforms, and that can be used against lightly armored or unarmoured, fixed and moving targets with high strike precision.

Conceived to fill the tactical gap between unguided rockets and guided anti-tank missiles, CİRİT’s most evident feature distinguishing it from its competitors is the fact that it has been designed as a missile. This feature provides CİRİT with the advantage of superior performance and having all its components, from its seeker to its guidance system, and from its fuse to its engine, developed with the rigor normally reserved for missile production.

The export contracts for CİRİT, which has been proving itself in the field since 2011 through its inclusion in the inventories of TAF, as well as those of friendly and allied nations, are also gaining momentum.

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Aside from having the longest range in its class, CİRİT can be used with different warheads in accordance with user requirements. Its warheads can be listed as follows:

  • Multipurpose warhead with anti-armor, anti-personnel or incendiary functions;
  • High-explosive warhead.

CİRİT also draws attention with its ability to be integrated into numerous platform types, including helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, UAVs, and land and manned/unmanned naval platforms. Furthermore, Roketsan’s product lineup also features a Pedestal-Mounted CİRİT (PMC) Weapon System that has to date been successfully integrated and tested on land and naval platforms.

Technical Specifications of CİRİT
Diameter 2.75” (70 mm)
Length 1.9
Weight 17.5 kg (With Canister)
Minimum Range 1.5 km
Maximum Range 8 km
Guidance Midcourse Guidance with MEMS-IMU*

Semi-Active Laser Seeker

Engine Min. Smoke Composite Solid Propellant
Warhead Multi-Purpose Warhead (Armour-Piercing, Anti-Personnel and Incendiary)

High-Explosive Warhead (Anti-Personnel)

Laser Designation Designators Compatible with STANAG 3733
Integration Compatibility Platforms with MIL-STD-1760 Interface

*IMU: Inertial Measurement Unit


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