Globalisation to Military Industrial Complex and Alliances:

The Beginning of a new era has emerged. From the overall emergence of Globalisation to the rise of new multi national co operation has been very in the business these days in the global political arena. We can say that this multi national co operation first started during the days of First World War and Second World War afterwards. The question arises were the alliances really that impactful in the future building of the global arena, answer is simple and very much suitable for all matters going on around the world these days, thus here comes the modern Conspiracy Theory.


As Eisenhower in his farewell speech used the term Military Industrial Complex That was to play a bigger role in the world as that no one ever thought. When we hear about conflict we never thought about the position of parties involved in the conflict, two or more states or non state actors who fight definitely need a lot of economical and human support.


Whenever there is a conflict a kind of business opportunity starts just like a new business endeavour, the defence deals happen for the supply of Weapons, Vehicles, Machinery, Uniforms, Food, the Medical equipment and much more thus as long as there is a conflict around the world, this kind of business thrives and the private contractors plus the companies who produce such good are always looking for a conflict thus to increase their revenue and profit out of the war. After paying what cost will we as humans will realise that war is nothing but waste of time, money and human resources that can be much better spend on many other things like Non Traditional Security Issues that very frankly are much abundant in the world.

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