Havelsan Achieves EASA Level D Certification for Second Boing B737-8 Max Full Flight Simulator


HAVELSAN, a leading Turkish technology and simulation company, announced that its second Boeing B737-8 MAX full flight simulator has achieved EASA Level D certification, the highest level of qualification that a flight simulator can achieve.

This certification is a testament to HAVELSAN’s commitment to providing pilots with the highest quality training solutions. The full-flight simulator provides a realistic and immersive training environment, allowing pilots to practice their skills and handle complex scenarios without the risks associated with real flights.

HAVELSAN’s full-flight simulators are used by airlines and training organizations around the world to train pilots on a variety of aircraft types. HAVELSAN said that it is confident that its new Boeing B737-8 MAX full flight simulator will help Turkish Airlines maintain its high pilot training and safety standards.

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