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How Afghanistan’s fate showcase monopolies at its worst

A place with great strategic importance and heart of Asia is in continuous never-ending rivalry and also a model of ongoing conflicts of different dimensions which keeps on changing and vary from the interests of the state and non-state actors who are parties to it. The state is of paramount interest because it is home to a terrorist with a sustainable environment as reported by international media. The reason why it becomes a targeted one lies in its system of governance and role of its leaders. Offers are availed when chances are being provided for attacks and so was happened. At times the state used to be in a stable position but the proven fact that everything cannot be implemented everywhere was denied and so the better changed itself into the worst possible scenario. As written by “ Dr.Mutahir Ahmed while discussing the imperfect past and uncertain future depicts that in his book Pak Afghan Security Dilemma that when a mistake being committed by political figures and elites the entire nation has to pay its cost.” That’s true the sufferings of Afghan people are visibly evident and it will happen until there is an end to the conflict.

The Russian invasion in Afghanistan to counter anti-communist bloc opponents within the regime in the state invited superpower hegemon of the world to counter USSR by spreading and promoting the capitalist ideology and ultimately changing the paradigm of an entire state. The toppling of government making and the remaking of the current and interim government has already changed the internal dynamics of Afghanistan. Even that was not enough that further external forces completed the chain. It seems like a hierarchy and the problems identified look hereditary and now complements it as a gift for Afghans by their enemies for ruining their state and for the sake of one’s protection.
It is now home not for Afghanis but especially for foreign powers to carry out their legitimate and unlawful activities to pursue their agenda. The fall of the USSR paved way for the implementation of what a superpower would will. It came with no surprise that it would have been decided earlier. It was a time when the falling empire had its clashes within and now we see them as a newly independent state.

The sustainable and settled era during the Afghan Taliban government of the existing ethnicity was indeed much better than the so-called elected government of today. The people living in Afghanistan during that peaceful time have lived up their lives to the fullest and enjoyed under the rulership and leadership of the Taliban with the practice of
Islamic principles but the phase ended soon.

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A new chapter in Afghanistan history begins with the 9/11 attack based on that terrorist attacks were carried out and then the forces were deployed in the country to counter them and the Afghan Taliban government was replaced. But it then generated a war between the forces and the Taliban which is still going on after decades of different peace initiatives. It triggered guerrilla warfare of intense nature which is still working effectively.

When all this was happening and stakeholders were bringing the conflict to a possible solution unluckily in the same period Iraq was being hit and the concentration was diverted. It stops the development program that has to begin in that prime time and Afghanistan was being neglected in terms of funding and attention. The analysis of the current situation unfolds much truth of bitter reality and yet it was a mistake that invited foreign actors into the state.

The election and selection of the present government by the support of foreign powers did not allow them to rule and function properly. The government is not approved or recognized in all areas of Afghanistan except for the place Kabul because they have a great hold on the area. The rest portion of the state is quite unstable and the government is projecting a failure remark over that.

As we categorized the Afghanistan conflict as a political and societal dimension linking the agendas of local regional and international actors. It is a mixed blend and so every single state is being engaged there. From locally regional neighboring nations like Pakistan, India, Iran, and somehow Saudi Arabia have shown their presence to the conflict resolution strategies or playing a role of a spoiler which many of the states did and is doing as well. When it comes to the question of involvement of states in the conflict so some were invited on request some gained membership on their own. However, the nature of the request would be another issue that also needs to be analyzed as it has some repercussions. The critique faced by one of the closest neighbors that lie in its vicinity and with whom we have dark chapters of history imprinted on the minds that have faced the waves of terrorism and instability.

The role of Mujahedeen who are fighting in Afghanistan are of afghan nationality but are misunderstood globally just like Talibs were at times. They were in a concept close to Islamic principles linking Jihad as a fundamental element. The wave of extremism has jolted the nation as the militancy keeps on changing and is a notion of organizations that were supposed to bring it to an alarming state. The roots of Al Qaeda even after the demise of Osama bin Ladin is sparking the conflict. But as mentioned by different researchers that were focused more on terrorism have declared these organizations as an offshoot of the initial one. So they the terrorist operating from anywhere in the state has the same agenda.

Now the dismantling situation has brought Afghanistan where the dominancy is demanded by a powerful state. The demise of the USSR resulted in changing political dynamics of the world in a more complex way deemed less stable at every level. Since then the role of the Pashtun Democratic Party of Afghanistan was minimized and gradually lost its working worth. The confusing part of the fight between different factions is linked with the same ideology although they are apart from each other. By holding a firm grip on the areas being occupied and annexed it was revealed that the regime is more of an oppressor nature rather than a supporting one.

Now, the present situation in Afghanistan unveils the politics of the super-elite class which is now confirmed and cleared in a clear message delivered by them. The presence of the foreign forces of different countries is not pleasing Afghanis. The political environment which is very much unstable to date has benefited terrorist groups especially Al Qaeda to settle down properly and operate their network in an organized way. The present condition tells the international community to look for an appropriate resolution. The resolution is to be implemented via the consent of Afghanis. It bothered them a lot when it comes to ruling their territory. The change in form of government does not ensure peace in the conflict-affected areas. It requires the elimination of negative figures who are being identified as a traitor only then it will hope for sustainable peace.

The took over of the Afghan Taliban as a competent leader of state has brought a sort of revolution. The state has experienced itself both in hell and heaven at the same time. The manipulation and exaggeration of the false report have resulted in the spread of false news. The general local masses are better in a position to describe their position than the ones who are many kilometers apart. It has always been a point of invasion. So, the peace and conflict are side by side working in the State.

Misbah NDU
Author: Misbah Abidin is doing BS from National Defence University Islamabad. She is interested in studying political dynamics and social issues.

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