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How to improve UNGA for a Better World.


How to improve UNGA for a Better World.


As the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonis Guterres said, “the United Nations is only as powerful as its members want it to be.” The purpose of this article is, how can the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) work more efficiently?

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In the light of the mentioned purpose, in this article, two suggestions would be addressed, Firstly, the member of The United Nations should stand to work hard for a stable and sufficient economy and Secondly, by demanding a more democratic system in the United Nations.

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How Members Should Work hard:

It means that the members need to find out the problems which do not let them be stable and sufficient. There are some common problems inside of these States, for example, not selecting the right person for the right place, corruption, money laundering, lack of analyzed policies, being dependent on others, etc. They have to be neutral in every matter until or unless they will not see themselves as a deserving candidate to be spoken about an issue or conflict, for instance, the return of Hong Kong to China on July 1, 1997, without any war. How did this happen?

Because the Chinese system believed in the lesson of China’s military genius Sun Tzu. He Said, “Ultimate excellence lies not in winning every battle, but in defeating the enemy without ever fighting.”

So in today’s world, war, dependency, and furiousness do not give you positive results as you can get after being sincere with your country, solving the internal problems, and using the right intellectuals for the decisions or policies.

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Demand for Democratic Kind of System:

There are 193 members of The United Nations General Assembly, and they have the right to speak on every issue. Do they have to say that the motto of the United Nations was to follow the International Laws?

No, because the developing nations do not have sincerity with their selves. The members should demand to the United Nations that it should be democratic. Democratic means every state should be having equal rights of speaking, asking to solve issues

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After mentioning the options, I believe that when the developing states become sufficient, stable in all the mentioned weaknesses, and independent in every national affair of policymaking.

Then, they can talk about every issue equally and strongly on an international platform. Afterwards, this attitude of Nations will be respected internationally and create pressure on the big powers. Thus, this will lead to democratic kind of decisions in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).How to improve UNGA for a Better world


Author : Irfan Amir

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