ICDDA 2024: Turkey-Pakistan Collaboration in Defense and Aerospace Soars to New Heights


The Industrial Cooperation Days in Defense and Aerospace (ICDDA) took flight in Ankara, Turkiye, on April 17th, 2024, garnering praise from global attendees, particularly from Pakistan.

Under the leadership of CEO Mr.Noman Waseem, Supreme Technocrafts Aviation Services represented OSSA from Pakistan, along with the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Pakistani Executive Forum.

Mr.Waseem’s invitation to the Pakistan Aerospace Council and other key players transformed the Pakistan Pavilion into a bustling center of collaboration.

A seminar highlighting market prospects saw engaging presentations by Mr. Noman Waseem, Mr. Imtiaz Rastgar, and Dr. Messam Abbas Naqvi, earning accolades from industry experts.

Boeing's representatives visited STAS at ICDDA

Mr. Waseem stressed the importance of bolstering ties between Turkish Ostim and Pakistani institutes, with Mr. Orhan Aydin, Chairman of Ostim, and Mr. Ibrahim Yarsin, President of OSSA, expressing eagerness to explore collaboration opportunities.

ICDDA 2024 not only showcased advancements in defense and aerospace but also fostered partnerships, reinforcing the bond between Turkey and Pakistan. Additionally, Turkiye Aviation Company expressed keen interest in collaborating with STAS in the aviation sector for a large-scale project.

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