Indonesia orders 42 rafales

Iindonesia has ordered 42 rafale jets to strengthen Indonesian Air Force. Indonesia has announched that, it ordered 6 rafale fighter jets during French Defense Minister Visit to Jakarta. Indonesian Defense Minister said that; this deal will be followed by 36 more aircrafts.

“We agreed on the purchase of 42 Rafale. The contract signed today is for the first six, which will be followed by 36 others,” said Indonesian Defense Minister Subianto.

French President Emmanuel Macron took to Twitter to express his joy. “42 Rafale! Indonesia chooses French industrial excellence! The know-how of the more than 400 French companies and thousands of workers who design the Rafale is recognized.”

Indonesia aslo signed contracts for the development of subamarines and manufacturing of ammunations. According to Indonesia’s state-run Antara news agency, the country’s defence minister said the deal was for six Rafale jets, with another 36 on the way.

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International Custoumers:

In recent years, rafale emerged as a sucessful fighter jets in interational market. Till now, 7 countires has ordered this french origin fighter jet including Qatar, India, Egypt, UAE, Croatia, Greece and lastly Indonesia. Qatar has bought 36, while Egypt has placed an order for more than 50. Meanwhile, India also got 36 rafale jets to equip 2 squadrons of Indian Air Force. Last year, United Arab Emirates signed the biggest ever order for the jets, with a deal to buy 80 for 14 billion euros.

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Rafale entered into service in 2004 and saw actions in Afghanistan, Mali, Syria. A French parliamentary report shows that business totaled some €4.7 billion during 2011-2020.

Rafale Omnirole fighter jet:

Rafale is a twin-engine combat aircraft developed by french aerospace company “Dassault Aviation”. Dassault termed rafale as omnirole jet, capable of conducting several types of missions.

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