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ISPR speaks on terrorists attack in Balochistan

Terrorists stormed a security checkpoint in the Kech region of Balochistan, killing ten soldiers, according to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) in a statement released on Thursday.

Terrorists shot at the checkpoint late Tuesday night, according to the military’s public affairs department.

“During the intense exchange of fire, one terrorist was killed and several injured. While repulsing terrorists ‘fire raid’, 10 soldiers embraced Shahadat. Three terrorists have been apprehended in a follow-up clearance operation, which is still in progress to hunt down perpetrators of the incident,” it said.

“Armed Forces are determined to eliminate terrorists from our soil no matter what the cost,” the ISPR added.

This is the second such incident in Kech in the span of a month. Two soldiers were martyred when terrorists attacked a check-post in the district on Dec 24, 2021.

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Meanwhile, it took Army about 30 hours to officially announce words on the attack. The reason for the delay can be because of Army’s internal situation assessment such as damage, Intelligence assessment, etc.

Earlier, Twitter was filled with posts from various journalists and other OSINT platforms decrying the attack. According to various sources, 40-45 terrorists attacked the post.

Netizens also believe that government policy of reconciliation must not weaken its resolve to fight all forms of terrorism.

Meanwhile, terrorism has increased inside the country since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. According to a report by the Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS), the country has witnessed a 56% surge in militant attacks during the year 2021. Statistics show that the militants have carried out 294 attacks in 2021 in which 395 people were killed, including 186 civilians and 192 security forces personnel.

At least 629 people were injured, including 400 civilians and 217 security forces personnel. Pakistani security forces also killed 188 militants and arrested at least 222 suspected militants during the year 2021

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