JF-17 Block-3: Specifications revealed


JF-17 Block-3 is a multi-role fighter aircraft designed and manufactured by Pakistan and China.


Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra has released the specifications of country’s next fighter jet at Dubai Air Show, 2021. According to brochure shared with Team GDI by (.), Block-3 of JF-17 thunder possessed following features and specification.


  • NVG compatible cockpit conforming to US mil standard
  • suitable for 3% to 98% percentile range of pilots
  • 3-axis Fly-By-Wire system
  • increased internal fuel for high performance
  • Duel-capacity external fuel tanks for increased payload

JF-17 Block 3 specifications

Maximum Take Off Weight: 29,750 LbsMax Mach No: 1.6
Maximum Speed: 702 Knots IAS
Service Ceiling: 50,000 Feet
Thrust to Weight Ratio: 0.95
Maximum Engine Thrust: 1.9000 lb
G Limit: + 8 , -3
Ferry Range: 2,500 Km

No. of Stations: 08
Total Load Capability: 10,500 Lbs




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