Kabul airport reopens day after chaotic scenes

Kabul airport reopens day after chaotic scenes. Just a day after chaotic scenes at the airport, military flights evacuating diplomats and civilians have re-started in Kabul’s international airport.

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On Monday, tens of thousands of Afghans were pictured on the tarmacs trying to flee. They were desperate to go onto planes that were flying out of the capital.

Five people were reportedly killed, though it is unclear if they were shot or crushed in a stampede.Today, however, officials say it is a much quieter scene.

“Many people who were here yesterday have gone home,” one Western security official told. However, witnesses say that occasional shots can still be heard from the direction of the airport. Flights were suspended for most of Monday.

The airport is currently the only exit point open to Western forces from Afghanistan. How USA would evacuate those Afghans that were with its side? How long will it take to complete evacuation of all of USA’s allies? All of this is still confusing.

Author: Usama Hijazi

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