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KARAOK to Become the New Destructive Force of the Infantry

Roketsan’s anti-tank missile family is expanding with the addition of KARAOK – a Man Portable Short-Range Fire & Forget Anti-Tank Weapon. KARAOK allows Special Operations Forces and infantry battalions to effectively stop, delay, canalize and destroy armoured and mechanized units at ranges of 1 km during air assault, airborne and amphibious operations.

Consisting of a missile and a weapon system, KARAOK stands out with its high warhead performance and the superior capabilities of its weapon system over its counterparts. It will be a light and portable system that will allow the necessary tasks to be carried out day or night by means of thermal monitors on the missile.

KARAOK is well suited to any combat environment, especially in urban terrains where light portable anti-tank missiles with a relatively shorter range and smaller rear danger zone are needed.

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KARAOK also draws attention with its indigenous components. In the system, the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), tandem warhead, brushed DC motor, fuse and power supply have all been developed by Turkish engineers using national resources. Roketsan aims to deliver this system, which it started working on in 2016, to the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces in 2022.


Technical Specifications of KARAOK
Length 1,200 mm (Tubular)
Diameter 125 mm
Weight < 16 kg (Missile + Launching Tube)
Warhead Types Armour-Piercing Tandem
Range  2.5 km
Seeker Uncooled Type IIR* Head
Guidance System Terminal Guidance
Insensitiveness Insensitive Against Fuel Fire and Bullet Impact
Weapon System TV / Thermal Camera

Laser Distance Finder


Operating Mode Fire-and-Forget

Pre-Fire Target Lock-on

* IIR: Imaging Infrared Seeker

* GPS: Global Positioning System

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