Kazakhstan and China

The aims of the parties are to exchange information, experience and ideas, and to jointly develop space projects. This agreement expands ESV’s cooperation with space companies of different countries for the development of private space industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“In recent years, Kazakhstan has made progress in the design and development of software for the production of satellites and spacecraft, as well as the creation of various satellite applications. Since China is very actively promoting its national space program, we see many options for cooperation between the private space sector and Chinese companies for the development of Kazakhstan’s space industry. Our partners perceive Kazakhstan as a sacred place for space projects, thanks to the launch of the first manned flight from the Baykonur Cosmodrome,” said Shukhrat Ibragimov, the ESV founder.

The ESV noted that they highly appreciate the potential of cooperation in the field of rocket and satellite technologies, including access to R & D in the field of development of new generation microchips, software development, and production of spacecraft, space services and ground equipment.

“With the support of the Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary National Company and the Astana Hub International Techno Park, we are creating an incubator – accelerator of the aerospace industry in Kazakhstan. And we strive to attract more international companies for its development,” Shukhrat Ibragimov added.

Earlier, in order to expand the number of partners and develop joint projects in the field of space and blockchain technologies, ESV signed a memorandum of understanding with the SpaceChain Singapore Company, which is developing the world’s first decentralized satellite infrastructure in space.

In the Kazakhstan space industry, ESV has enlisted the support of all major players, including National Center for Space Research and Technology JSC, Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary NC (KGhS) and the Ghalam Kazakh-French Joint Venture LLP.

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