Libya’s unity army gives Haftar’s militia until Saturday to open strategic coastal road


The Libyan armed force gave the local militias of warlord Khalifa Haftar until Saturday to re-open the key beach front street connecting the nation’s east and west.
“We sent a letter to the 5 + 5 Libyan Joint Military Commission giving them until Saturday to open the beachfront highway,” Abdel-Hadi Darah, a representative for the Sirte-Jafra Operations Room, revealed to Anadolu Agency.
In any case, Darah threatened to shut down the road on their side once more if the street isn’t opened from the opposite side.
The Joint Military Committee incorporates five individuals from the globally perceived government and five from Haftar’s army.
The beach front Misrata-Sirte Road is a significant shipping lane that has been shut since Haftar’s army dispatched a bombed hostile to catch the capital Tripoli in 2019.

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